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From an orangutan habitat in the treetops to subterranean caves in a tiger's lair, the many layers of Jungala bring you eye-to-eye with two of the world's most endangered species - tigers and orangutans. But that's not all! Flying foxes, Gharials and Gibbons also await.
Orangutan Outpost - Tree-top observation platforms are the perfect place to watch orangutans... and for the orangutans to watch you. In this specially designed forest canopy habitat, you'll discover orangutans resting in rope hammocks, swinging along their vines, or sitting on the same log as you.

Tiger Lodge - An inspiring guest lodge, surrounded by natural bridges is at the heart of this vibrant village. Here, you'll discover the tiger's story and hear from those working to protect them in the wild. You can even play a role in their fight for survival right here in Tiger Lodge.
Tiger Trail - Play tug of war with a tiger and experience how powerful these magnificent cats really are. Explore a subterranean, mysterious cave, then trek through a winding bamboo path leading to split-level underwater viewing of tigers swimming in their refreshing plunge pool.
Kulu Canopy - This multi-species habitat is home to white-cheeked gibbons, flying foxes (fruit bats) and mysterious tomistomas - a reclusive and very rare crocodilian native to Indonesia and Malaysia.
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